My eyelids were heavy as I woke up that bright Saturday morning.  I struggled to shake the sleep from my head as I started to realize that I was not alone.  He was still there with me.  I struggled to discern whether or not I was still dreaming; whether last night’s events could have really happened.

As I sat staring at him, I started to register a sound in the distance.  My grandmother was calling me for breakfast.  “Go eat your breakfast” Daniel said.  “Ok, but I’ll be right back; don’t leave” I replied.

I quickly ran down the stairs to my grandmother’s kitchen.  “Good morning ” I said.  Grandmother had made biscuits and gravy with grits and sausage patties, a real southern breakfast.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I was not hungry.  Hastily, I threw a few bites back, cleared my plate and excused myself.  “Thanks for breakfast” I shouted as I darted back up the stairs to my bedroom.

He was still there.  His tall frame looked out of place in my little room.  Let me explain, he was a human.  I am not a human.  I am a witch.  I am a small, 80 pound, 5 foot tall witch with long red hair, green eyes, and alabaster skin.  I will never grow to be anywhere near as tall as his 6 foot size.  This may be a problem!

He looked at me with his deep brown eyes; his human eyes.  I could instantly see that he was confused about the expression on my face.  Oh no, what expression am I wearing?  I quickly changed my expression to a gentle smile.  He asked me “so, are we going to talk about this?”  “Are we going to talk about what?” I asked.  “Are we going to talk about last night?” he asked.  I now understand his confusion.

Last night, where do I start about last night?  It was our monthly coven meeting for the full Moon.  The evening began as they all do. . . .